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Earthquakes and hurricanes!


A super-busy month at work and trying to cram in the last social gatherings of summer have meant very little progress on the knitting projects or the video games. I did manage to pick up jewelry making hobby at Ornamentea, after taking a beading boot camp class. This has led to me deconstructing a quarter of my old jewelry and beads – now I just need to get around to putting them all back together. At this rate, that’ll be May!

We got a few plantings in this month and now we’re just hoping that the storm coming in isn’t going to wash everything away. (Hi, Hurricane Irene!) My mom donated some sedum, cleome, heirloom irises, wormwood and pineapple sage to the cause – I bought my own tiny lavender bush to plant as well. I don’t know much about gardening, so I’m treating like I do most things: look it up on the internet, then just wing it. Luckily, our existing plants seem pretty hardy. Please keep your fingers crossed that these new transplants fare just as well!


Cleome, or spiderplants.
image source: wikipedia



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