Normal, Internet-Normal and not bothered about the difference.

February 4, 2009
by kat

“Now I’m fairly pragmatic and realise that this descent into marketing is probably inevitable and if consultants weren’t doing it for them, companies would end up doing it themselves. However I think there is something a little seedy about people who purportedly love social media, yet end up helping companies pollute it with marketing drivel.”
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This is really one of my pet peeves of the interaction between the internet and corporations. I think that often marketers (both in-house and contract) tend to jump at the Facebooks, Twitters, YouTube because “That’s where all the trendsetters are!”.

And for things like “Will it blend?”, that works. But that’s a one in a million thing. Ideally (when I rule the world and milkshakes are delicious and free), companies ask themselves “How can we better help our customer and market?” and then ask “Can the internet help us do this more efficiently?”.

But I think that that does require a certain amount of prioritizing customer relationship over profit, which few corporations are allowed.