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I love our new wall color in the den

March 30, 2012 by kat | 0 comments

It only took 2 coats of low VOC (a must!) paint + primer in Benjamin Moore’s Utah Sky. Celeste is more impressed by the noises coming from Kingdoms of Amalur than she is by the color improvements.

I’ve included a picture the old red color for some comparison – it’s the same rug and entertainment center in each photo, although they are different angles.



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Quickie Socks

March 11, 2012 by kat | 0 comments

Ignore the styling pants, please. These new socks are the best for lounging around the house.

I knit these while waiting on SWtoR load screens and watching C play Kingdoms of Amalur. Only took around 6 knitting hours, proving true to their name!

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January 13, 2012
by kat

Left-handed Knitting Resources


Although I’m not left-handed myself (not creative enough, I guess!), I’ve had to teach a few people how to cast-on and/or knit left-handed. One of my coworkers passed on a great video on how to cast-on left-handed, part of a selection of left-handed knitting videos from the Knitting Site. This is a great improvement on my current method of sitting the person across from me and making them follow along!