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Christmas camellia

December 23, 2011 by kat | 0 comments

Our house surprised us with beautiful red/pink camellia flowers this season. They don’t smell like much, but they’re plentiful, huge, and gorgeous.

November 23, 2011
by kat

Happy Thanksgiving!

First year in the new house means that we’re hosting Thanksgiving by family fiat. I don’t mind at all, however – 6-8 people bringing food for 10 is just a warm-up for Saturday’s Friendsgiving event!

(and a Star Wars: the Old Republic beta weekend in there too!)

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you – here’s hoping that all of your dishes turn out better than you thought they could and no one spazzes out!



September 30, 2011
by kat

Throwing out your frown, and just smiling at the sound

Happy early Fall!

The weather is starting to turn in North Carolina, which means my favorite season is back again. Fall reminds me of back to school and new beginnings, knee-high boots and warm sweaters. And plaid, and sweater vests. All wonderful things!

The urge for new things (clothes, dogs, software, socks!) has me craving new music as well. The other half of Team Katastrophes pointed out the latest Ladytron release to me yesterday, so I think that’s something I’m going to check out this weekend.

Any other new music recommendations?

August 24, 2011
by kat

Earthquakes and hurricanes!

A super-busy month at work and trying to cram in the last social gatherings of summer have meant very little progress on the knitting projects or the video games. I did manage to pick up jewelry making hobby at Ornamentea, after taking a beading boot camp class. This has led to me deconstructing a quarter of my old jewelry and beads – now I just need to get around to putting them all back together. At this rate, that’ll be May!

We got a few plantings in this month and now we’re just hoping that the storm coming in isn’t going to wash everything away. (Hi, Hurricane Irene!) My mom donated some sedum, cleome, heirloom irises, wormwood and pineapple sage to the cause – I bought my own tiny lavender bush to plant as well. I don’t know much about gardening, so I’m treating like I do most things: look it up on the internet, then just wing it. Luckily, our existing plants seem pretty hardy. Please keep your fingers crossed that these new transplants fare just as well!


Cleome, or spiderplants.
image source: wikipedia



July 14, 2011
by kat

Kitten kitten, yardwork-smitten

How does your garden grow?

Right now, it grows just like it did a few weeks ago, minus one partially dead tree and some completely dead cedar bushes. We think the bushes died because they weren’t planted deep enough, but the fungus that did in the tree is still unknown. Then again, I’m still not certain what kind of tree it was.

We ordered a cordless electric lawnmower and received a Husqvarna gas mower instead. Looked like a very fancy mower – likely twice the price of the one we purchased – but I had my heart set on electric. Sears finally brought us our correct mower (eager to get their fancy mower back, I’m sure!) and we charged it up.

At least I think we did. I’m sure it was plugged in, at least.

I was able to mow one single, lonely strip of grass before it shut off on me. The current theory is that we plugged the battery into an outlet that’s controlled by a switch, then promptly flipped the switch on the outlet to off when we went back inside. It was either a discharged battery, or I managed to break our new mower. I’ll test this out again after the 100 degree heat has gone away. This being the South, our lawn might not get mowed until September if I wait until it drops past 95.

Yards of Tomorrow!

(If there was an exhibit at Epcot about organic lawn and garden care, I’d spend all day there.)

We have so many plans for the yard at Oz (no angry apple trees or poppy fields, yet). Our top three are:

  • Attract butterflies to have aerial battles with the dragonflies
  • Things that smell beautiful (lavender, especially – is it as good of a shrubbery as I suspect?)
  • Roses. We’ve even discussed running a trellis around the back windows as a replacement for the other set of dying cedar shrubs
I’m working on getting a good method of taking pictures to post, as I’d like to document some of our work.

June 27, 2011
by kat

We’ve moved to Oz, or, Why mr. pink eyes should let me call him the Wizard

We’re still in NC, but now we’re in a new place! April through June have been the ‘Buying a house’ game. Now that we’re here officially (only the yarn and fabric left to unpack!), I’m amazingly happy. All of this is *ours*, as long as the mortgage gets paid! That backyard is mine to totally destroy and rebuild, that poor dying cedar is ours to try and save. I have an even better excuse to figure out how to sew pillowcases. And I’m tempted to make some giant curtains for Mr Pink Eyes to hide behind while he works machinery. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains!”